Posted by: Gabriele Paolacci | October 2, 2013

MTurk Roundtable at ACR

The North American Conference of the Association for Consumer Research is taking place on October 3-6 at the Hilton Palmer House Hotel in Chicago, IL. On October 4, the conference will host a roundtable about MTurk. Many issues will be discussed, ranging from practical decisions that researchers need to make when conducting studies (e.g., how much to compensate participants) to priorities for future research about crowdsourcing social science. The roundtable will take place on October 4, 11.00 am in the room Indiana.


  1. Hi Gabriele,

    I was unfortunately unable to attend this session at ACR. Will you be posting the slides anytime soon?


  2. Hi Ye,

    We’ve only used a couple of slides to guide the discussion, but they are not that informative unfortunately—that’s why we decided not to post them. Sorry you couldn’t make it!


  3. Hi Gabrielle,

    I am in the same boat as Ye. It’d be great if you could publish a short document summarizing the discussion.



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