How to collaborate

The goal of the blog is to provide the research community with evidence on AMT’s reliability as a tool for running experiments, as well as with guidance for whoever wants to use such tool.

You can contribute to this goal in any way you prefer. Examples include:

  • Briefly reporting about any experiment you ran on AMT. Results which are comparable with previous literature (such as “classic” studies) are preferred, as they allow for a more straightforward assessment of AMT’s reliability. You can both write personally a blog post on your experiment or let the authors know about it.
  • Informing the authors about available resources that deserve a cite on the blog (papers on AMT, websites, toolkits, etc.).
  • Sharing your thoughts on any issue that concerns AMT as a tool for running experiments. We would be happy to publish thoughtful considerations.
  • Commenting on existing blog posts.

For any but the last case, please contact gpaolacci–at–

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